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Another ProVari and Protank will come into the market

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Just wanted to give a few weeks worth of insight into my latest favorite PV components.
Just wanted to give a few weeks worth of insight into my latest favorite PV components.
First, the ProVari.  I have nothing for you.  It’s perfect in every way.  Well, the only thing about it is the one-button operation makes adjusting settings a bit of a chore, but good news is with the ProVari, once you find your preferred settings, there is no need to change them, unless your atomizer is dying and you want to get more out of it by cranking up the voltage, or maybe you have a different juice that you like better at a different voltage.  I haven’t even touched the rest of the settings this device has to offer, haven’t had the need!
The Kanger Protank.  This little gem isn’t without it’s quirks, but there are generally easy fixes.  Here are some problems and quick tips to fix them:
getting juice in mouth / excessive gurgling noise:
remove the Protank from the battery, place a tissue over the atomizer end of it, and blow through the mouthpiece to rid the atomizer of juice.  
also ensure your tank is relatively full when possible – a mostly empty tank may cause air-tight seals to break and leakage into the center tank to occur.
ensure the atomizer is secured snug into the bottom plate of the Protank.  supposedly this could come loose during a refill when removing the bottom plate/atomizer to fill the tank.
I’ve also noticed that atomizers that seem to be failing will do this; when all else fails, replace the atomizer if it is a week old or more.
poor hits:
ensure no juice in mouth / excessive gurgling noise
if not using a ProVari, then you may need to replace your battery with a freshly charged one.  (the ProVari is excluded because it regulates at lower battery levels to ensure a consistent hit, only replace when the button flashes after a hit, in order to preserve optimum battery life.)
atomizer may be failing, especially if older than one week of heavy usage.
crank up voltage on the battery to squeeze more life out of the atomizer
replace atomizer
not enough air flow:
ensure no juice in mouth / excessive gurgling noise
do not over-tighten the Protank on the battery, or loosen it a little
check atomizer condition and replace if necessary.
Also note when you remove the bottom plate/atomizer from the tank to refill, a seal is broken and some juice will leak out of the mouthpiece.
I’m getting about a week out of my Protank atomizers before the performance becomes too poor or the thing gets ‘flooded’ with juice continually — I recall with other atomizers in the eGo-T, C, and eCab that when their atomizer gets flooded like that, or just starts to go bad, the device begins to leak.  Luckily the good news about the Protank is, no leakage in that department.  The only leakage I see on my Protank is a tiny amount in the battery head/threading – and this is normal for most all atomizers that I know of.  This isn’t to say yours won’t leak around where the mouthpiece connects to the glass, as this is a known defect in some of the earlier shipments of the Protank, though not in mine luckily.
Though to tell the truth I think the atomizers I’m replacing may still be good and I would expect them to live longer than they seem to, but perhaps they have been gunked up by the various juices I’m using.  I have saved these atomizers and suspect that when they dry out, or are cleaned out somehow (and I’ll google that later, maybe involves boiling or alcohol *shrug*) they may be revived.  I am just too lazy to try it right now, but when I do, I’ll report back.